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Red Hare Thrice Hopped Rabbit’s Reserve

On Saturday,  January 25th, Red Hare Brewing (Marietta, GA) will release the 7th offering in their Rabbit’s Reserve series – Thrice Hopped Imperial IPA. The beer is so named because not only is it triple hopped, but triple dry hopped.

…Upon first sip you’ll notice an initial sweetness, and grapefruit flavor. After your second sip you are hit with a bitter note on the back of the tongue. By the third sip you’ll notice the 8.4% ABV

Red Hare Thrice Hopped Imperial IPA is a draft only, limited release.

Style: Imperial IPA
Hops: Chinook, Falconer’s Flight, Saaz

Availability: Draft only
Release: 1/25/14

8.4% ABV

If you go: 

Red Hare Brewing 1/25/14
1998 Delk Road
Marietta, GA
2-4 pm