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Quinte55ence & Keg from the Cellar @ 5 North!

Another interesting Atlanta Beer Week entry… This just in –

The newest beer for 5 Seasons North was just released.   It’s called “The Question.”  It’s Quinte55sence aged in a Kunde Estate Cabernet barrel for over 7 months.  In a zen like twist – “The Answer” which is an earlier beer release by the brewpub, (which is the Quinte55ence aged in a whiskey barrel) came before the question!  Crawford Moran – brewer of this enigmatic beer classifies this as a “quintuple” – keeping with the #5 tradition that surrounds 5 seasons brewpubs.  It’s not a dubbel, or a tripel. It’s a quint!  5 hops, 5 malts, 55 IBU’s… you get the point.

Also – as secret keg was just tapped at 5 North from the cellar.  It will REMAIN a secret until you get there… I will only say this… It’s got a lot of age on it.  Truly a cellared beer.

Both are rare brews here for Atlanta Beer Week 2010!

5 Seasons North, Tapping NOW!
3655 Old Milton Parkway
Alpharetta, GA

Image: Grover Sterling