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Point Subtlety Targeting Female Drinkers?

Over the past few weeks, we’ve see a few beers come out expressly targeted to women. (See: Chick Lager, Animee)  Stevens Point Brewing (Stevens Point, WI) may not be directly doing the same straight out with Drop Dead Blonde, but perhaps a little subliminally.  You have your pretty girl on the label, with caloric information just to the right.  Potentially eliminating any dietary guilt you might have for imbibing.

Now keep in mind, I’m not saying this is a bad thing.  25% of beer drinkers in the United States are beer drinkers, with a growing number of the 25% drinking more “crafty” brands.  Drop Dead Blonde isn’t trying to get rid of that bloaty feeling, or flavor it with rose petals something else flowery.  It’s a gross stereotype that female drinkers are all worried about calories, love fruit in their beer, and don’t like imperial stouts.  But think of it this way, Drop Dead Blonde might serve well at drawing in calorie minded individuals (regardless of what chromosomes they possess) into drinking more of the “craft” ales that we so enjoy, and fewer “celestial” based beers or uber light beers that you frown upon.  End commentary.

Style: Blonde Ale

Availability: 12oz bottles

?? ABV

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