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Perrin Brewing Opening In Michigan In ’12

Michigan will see a new craft brewery in 2012 – Perrin Brewing Company.  Perrin will be based in Alpine Township.  They got the zoning go ahead just this past Thursday.

Who: Jared Sper, a 34 year old former Marine Sergeant.  Randy Perrin, owner of Perrin Properties LLC.
The Brewery: 12,000 square foot building located at 5910 Comstock Dr.
Production:  2,000 – 3,000 barrels in 1st year.
The Beer: 12/16oz cans. Recipes to include a Porter, IPA, Wit, & Strong Ale
Distribution:  Limited to Michigan initially

Interestingly, the brewery will have “no secrets.” The recipes will be readily available.  The brewing process and equipment will be available and approachable to the drinker. Especially home brewers.  [MLive]

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