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Pabst Eyeing Craft Brands, Cider?

Pabst owner C. Dean Metropoulos mentioned at the Beer Industry Summit today that he is and will be looking for more beer acquisitions in the future.  As the craft beer sector grows, the market is prime for such new purchases.

Metropoulous purchased Pabst in 2010 with his sons for $250 million dollars.  While Mr. Metro didn’t so much as hint to what brands, he did say that ciders were a potential.  It’s no secret that the cider category is on the move.  SABMiller’s Tenth & Blake just acquired Crispin Ciders, Michelob plans Ultra Cider, and Sam Adams is in the process of launching a new Angry Orchards line.

What brand would you see selling to Pabst? [Bloomberg]


One thought on “Pabst Eyeing Craft Brands, Cider?

  1. As few as possible.  I hate when craft breweries sell out to the macro companies who wouldn’t know a good beer if it bitthem on the ass

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