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13 Year Old Dies After Four Loko Incident

A 13 year old boy from Maryland died in an unfortunate accident after consuming a Four Loko beverage.  He had consumed a can of the caffeine/alcohol drink while hanging out with two friends.  Michael Thomas Truluck was picked up by his mother’s fiancee Saturday evening feeling sick.  He opened the car door to throw up and was immediately hit by a Ford Explorer.  He died later that evening at the hospital.

His mother said “I think he felt so sick that he was not thinking about anything”.  He had already vomited twice that day after consuming the drink.

The original form of Four Loko is banned in most states for being a health hazard.  In its original form it is the equivalent of four beers and a cup of Starbuck’s coffee all in one.  It is not clear where the teens got the beverages.

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