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Oops. Blue Point Joked About Being Bought By Miller

This week, craft brewery Blue Point announced they were being purchased by brewing giant Anheuser-Busch. For the craft beer loyal, it wasn’t the best beer news.

Sometimes you make a joke, then life decides it wants to be funny too. Growing up in the northeast, a good friend and I used to joke about the south according to Jeff Foxworthy. We told redneck jokes for weeks on end. Then I ended up moving to Atlanta. Oops.

Blue Point Miller Coors

Perhaps that “oops” moment is something Blue Point Brewing is going through right now. As an April Fool’s Joke, the brewery posted that they were purchased by Miller-Coors. In true April 1st fashion, the brewery worked up a fake press release on their blog, even talked about making a Blue Point Lite Lime IPA. ¬†Owner Pete Cotter even went as far as to say Blue Point is independently owned with no corporate ties. Ever.

Then this week happened. It may not have been Miller-Coors, but what was once a joke, became very real.

The blog post has since been deleted. As you can see, the internet left a trace. Oops indeed.

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