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ON SHELVES: Sierra Nevada 30th Vol#2

The second installment of Sierra Nevada 30th Anniversary has arrived.  Helles Lager.

The second release celebrating 30 years of brewing by Sierra Nevada (Chico, CA),  is Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Lager.  ”Helles” is a German adjective for “light, or light one.”  Helles as it relates to describing beer is referring to the color, not abv.  This lager however, is actually an imperial helles lager at 8.3% abv.  Helles lager is malt accentuated lager, with some sweet flavors making it a rather interesting, full bodied lager.

This edition celebrates the friendship between Fred Eckhart and Charlie Papazian — two individuals that as Sierra Nevada puts it “launched a thousand breweries.”  Their most famous book — “The Art of Homebrewing” has inspired countless individuals to homebrew, and in turn found breweries.   A big step forward for the craft beer movement in America.

Sierra’s description of Charlie, Fred and Ken’s Lager  –

“Bold yet balanced with distinct toasted malt character, moderate sweetness and clean floral hops”

Availability — 750 ml, corked and caged bottles. One time, small batch, anniversary brew. Limited draft offerings.

8.3% ABV

6/11 – Greens and Hop City now all have this new brew!

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