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Odell Gets Friek-y On October 24th

On October 24, Odell Brewing gets Friek-y.  Friek returns!  Its a framboise/kriek sour beer, that just took home gold at GABF this year.

“I think this beer best represents our collaborative culture,” said Brendan McGivney, head of production at Odell Brewing. “I cannot think of a beer that had as many hands involved in the process as this one from raspberry picking and cherry squishing to yeast and bug propagation, barrel handling, and 750 ml bottling.”

Friek is aged in oak barrels with Colorado cherries, AND Fort Collins raspberries.  Then there’s the wild yeasts – lactobacillus and pediococcus to funk things up even more.

Expect it in 750ml corked & caged bottles.  In Odell’s 10 state distribution network.  There’s a “FRIEK OUT” party at the tap room on 10/29.  Be a friek, celebrate a gold medal, and get a mouthful of sour. [PressRelease]