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Now Tapping: Brooklyn Dark Matter

Brewmaster Garrett Olliver is a genius when it comes to barrel aging beers.  Ever had a Black Ops?  You won’t forget it if you did.  Extremely good.  Another barrel aged offering by Brooklyn is popping  up on draft in Atlanta – Dark Matter.  Dark Matter is the follows Cookie Jar Porter as a part of the Brewmaster’s Reserve Series.

Dark Matter is a barrel aged American Brown Ale.  It is prudent to mention Black Ops, because Dark Matter and Black Ops have some relation.  As Garrett Oliver describes –

“In the beginning, there was Black Ops. Or perhaps not. Beer does have its mysteries. Anyhow, they say that back in 2007, a small amount of Dark Matter was created alongside Black Ops, but very few people had an opportunity to taste it. The Brooklyn Brewing Team decided that this shortage was unfortunate — plenty of Dark Matter for themselves, but not enough to share with all their friends. So last autumn they decided to recreate Dark Matter and open up the Brooklyn Barrel Room to a wider world. Brooklyn Dark Matter is a robust brown ale aged for four months in bourbon and rye whiskey barrels. Some barrels previously held Black Ops, some hosted The Manhattan Project, others came straight from the distilleries as soon as the whiskey was decanted. We’ve blended these barrels to create a beer full of caramel and chocolate flavors heightened by vanilla-like oak notes and hints of the barrels’ previous tenants. The result is a smooth, rich beer that really loves food, from fried or roasted chicken to char-grilled steak, barbecue, pork chops and even monkfish. And on some chilly evening in late winter, or perhaps the first warm night of spring, we hope that you may be tempted to believe that Dark Matter really does bind the universe together.”

Tasting – Dark Matter presents with flavors of bourbon & vanilla.  Also oak, toffee and burnt sugars.  Look for some chocolate tones too.  These are just guidelines.  Gives you flavors to look for.  Let your taste buds lose and find discover your beer.

Availability – Rare draft offerings.  Dark Matter is very limited.

Currently tapping – Taco Mac Metropolis.  The Fred has a keg also, tapping date to follow.  More kegs shipped to Atlanta area. Sightings to follow.

7.5% ABV