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NOW TAPPING – 5 Seasons West Nitro Stout

5 Seasons West just tapped their first Nitro Stout, something brewer Crawford Moran has been wanting to do for a while.

Nitro Stout has everything to do with their other stout offering, Dark Star Stout but with a difference in gas – i.e. nitrogen.  A little technical info – CO2 dissolves very well into beer.  Thus, where the head and carbonation in your pour comes from.  In order to push some of the nitrogen into the stout, Crawford pressurized the keg to 40 psi for a few days.  ( Regular kegs pressured at 14 PSI or less , or pounds per square inch) This pushes some nitrogen into the stout.   Final piece of the process is the nitro tap nozzle.  You’ve seen them, they look like  a black cone  on end of the tap.  It’s job is to separate the nitrogen from the beer, essentially foaming and fluffing up the beer.  It’s that process that gives the nitro tapped beers the big foamy head, and creamy body.

5 seasons West’s Nitro stout is just that.  Rich, creamy with a nice, full mouthfeel.  There are hints of coffee, but not from coffee – from roasted malts.  Dark Star doesn’t present with the coffee tones, but after the nitrogen tap, coffee shows up in full force.  Willamette hops are used in both beers (well, same beer.)

Nitro Stout is tapping now at the 5 Seasons West Skybar, typically open Wednesday – Sunday.  My mouth is watering as I sit here writing this.  I’ve only had one pint to date, and have wanted it again ever since.  I think that might kick off my weekend.

5% ABV

1000 West Marietta Street Northwest
Atlanta, GA 30318-0524
(404) 875-3232

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