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NoDa Brewing Par 4 Session IPA

Noda Brewing Par 4 can

NoDa Brewing Par 4 Session IPA is the brewery’s rendition of the “session” IPA.

Despite being low in alcohol by volume this beer is most definitely big in flavor. it’s hoppy and clean (like you’d expect). Those in love with the India pale ale will be right at home with this session beer.

Stay in the zone with a low ABV beer that still packs robust flavor and mouthfeel. Brewed with nearly four pounds of hops per barrel and mashed with oats, Par 4 has a smooth and balanced body to even out the payload delivered by a bouquet of select West Coast hops.

NoDa Brewing Par 4 is a great addition to the brewery’s lineup this year. The once NoDable Series beer was an instant hit when released on tap in summer, 2015. Plus, the awesome Caddyshack reference in the artwork doesn’t hurt.

Style: IPA
Availability: 16oz Cans, Draft. Season release.
Debut (Cans): Spring, 2016

4% ABV, 65 IBUS