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Newcastle Launches British Style “Winter IPA”

Newcastle just announced the launch of Winter IPA, the newest offering in its Limited Edition series.  Winter IPA joins Werewolf, and soon to be Founder’s Ale in the series Newcastle states Winter IPA  is a salute to original British IPAs and “stays true to the original, subtly hopped recipes of traditional 18th century India Pale Ales.”

Per Newcastle: Marked by a strong hop aroma and a zesty character with hints of malt, Winter IPA features just a touch of sweetness to offer a delicate and creamy mouthfeel. Pouring a seductive copper color, the brew offers subtle caramel notes, a full body and a balanced finish.

Style: English IPA
Hops: Super Stryrian Golding

Availability: 12oz bottles, Draft. Nov-Jan, 2012

5.2% ABV, 28 IBUs


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