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NEW RELEASE: Rogue OREgasmic Ale

The 3rd release from the “Chatoe Rogue” series this year is upon us.  To recap the releases thus far – In January came “Dirtoir Black Lager“, followed by “Single Malt Ale” in April.  Now, meet “OREgasmic Ale”

OREgasmic  is an American Pale Ale.  Chatoe Rogue is what Rogue Brewery calls “GYO certified” or “Grow Your Own.”  All the malt and hops are grown onsite at Rogue Brewery.   The beers contain no additives, chemicals, or preservatives.  A bit like a beer version of a farm to table initiative.  You can even follow the Rogue Hop yards on Twitter – @RogueHopFarm

100% Oregon Ingredients –

Hops – Willamette, Independent

Malts -Dare, Risk.  Both are Rogue trademarked

Yeast – Pacman

Availability – 22oz Bombers only.  One time brew – July 1st – September 2010.

Taste Expectations – Caramel malts.  Hop flavors dabble in both pine & grapefruit. It’s a pale ale that excels in both malt backbone and hop content.

6% ABV

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