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NEW RELEASE: Harpoon Pott’s Landbier

Harpoon’s 100 Barrel series is what the brewery calls a return to their roots.   The 100 Barrel series is exactly as it sounds.  Small batch, one of a kind, 100 barrels.  Throughout the year, a different Harpoon brewer will create a recipe from start to finish.  As a finishing touch, the brewer signs the label.  It’s completely their creation.  Like a piece of artwork.  To date, there have been 31 releases from the 100 Barrel Series.  Make way for #32.

Edition #32 is Pott’s Landbier.  A little name backstory for you – Landbier is German for “country beer” or a simple, everyday session beer.  It’s 4.8% ABV so it definitely qualifies.  I’m not going to try to summarize this beer’s bio as Harpoon has done so well already –

“The origins of this beer go back to 2003 when a group of German brewers, including Rainer and Joerg Pott of Pott’s Brauerei, took a tour of American breweries that included Harpoon. A few years later in 2007 Joerg joined the Harpoon staff for the summer months to learn more about American craft beer.

During Joerg’s 3-month tenure at Harpoon, the idea of brewing a beer together was mentioned often, but the timing never quite seemed to work out— until now.

Pott’s Landbier, or “country beer,” is a traditional session lager with a decidedly malty backbone made up of a blend of German and North American malts. The smooth malt character is tempered by the German bittering hop Magnum, which lends a clean, crisp balance. This beer is finished with more German hops for a spicy herbal palate and aroma. Fermented with Pott’s proprietary lager yeast — and imbued with over 240 years of German brewing tradition — this is just the beer to quench your summer thirst.”

Pott’s is classified as a Vienna lager.  Vienna lager was developed in Vienna in 1841 by Anton Dreher.  Vienna lager is described as a reddish brown or copper colored beer with medium body, and slight malt sweetness. (There’s more to that, but you get some of the idea.)

Known Ingredients –

Hops – Magnum

Yeast – German Lager

Availability – 22oz Bombers.  Draft.  One time, small batch, 100 Barrel brew.  On shelves now until sold.

Taste Expectations –  Hot summer days make for great session beer drinking.  It’s a strongly carbonated amber lager, with bready caramel malts and a noble hop flavor.  It’s light and crisp.

4.8 ABV