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New LG Fridge Chills Your Beer With Icy Jet Engine Blasts

You ever had to chill a beer quickly because you couldn’t wait for it to chill? Soon the days of ice baths and exploded beer in the freezer will be gone with needed addition to your fridge.

Making a debut at CES this week is LG’s new Blast Chiller.  This awesome little piece of modern machinery can chill your favorite fermented beverage in 5 minutes.  How? Ice cold air at the speed of a jet engine.  I didn’t mistype.  A speed of a freaking jet engine.  Those that have a higher than average of physics and thermodynamics might ask – “What about ice crystals?”  The answer is swirled air.  The technology is derived from LG air conditioners with the same technology.  No pricing was mentioned, but  a comparable LG refrigerator runs about $2,800. [DigitalTrends]

p.s. I’m sure it will chill soda too.  You know. If you’re into that sort of thing.





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