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Napa Smith has a Crush

Napa Smith Crush

Napa Smith Brewing is nestled in Napa Valley, California – in the heart of wine country.  Don Barkley, 30 year veteran of brewing approaches brewing with the idea that the world needs great beer that makes food taste even better.  Being from Napa, it’s only fitting that this next release is brewed with grapes.

From Napa Smith:

Crush Beer is our autumn offering developed in tribute to the grape harvest here in Napa Valley. In keeping with the Bavarian tradition of Oktoberfest, this beer is an Amber Lager made with traditional malts. Since we are in the wine country, we also add a small amount of grapes to each batch. They say “It takes a lot of great beer at harvest time to make great wine.” It’s appropriate for Napa Smith to use grapes in one of their beers, since they also run a winery.

Style: Amber Lager (Brewed w/ Grapes)
Availability: 22oz bottles
Arrival: Fall

6% ABV