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Details: Ommegang’s Spiced Saison

Brewery Ommegang will be releasing a new saison this July in honor to Belgian Independence Day.  The brewers at Ommegang decided it was time to celebrate the day Belgium sent the Dutch packing.  For the July celebration, the brewery will be teaming up with fine restaurants across the U.S. to bring this special saison to you the beer drinker, paired with Belgian inspired dishes.

What better way to celebrate the season and Belgian independence day that with a saison?  Our Spiced Saison is a toast to the great brewers of Belgium and the pround history they represent.  We have used a Wallonia saison strain of yeast that produces fruity esters and classic earthy notes in the beer.  Lemon peel, white pepper, coriander along with Grains of Paradise are use to give the saison a delicate yet satisfactory spicing.  The departure from our signature house yeast reveals the versatility of the Saison style, and showcases the unique and intriguing characters of this strain

Style: Saison

Hops: Stryian Golding, GR Select
Malts: Pils, Pale, Caramel-20, White Wheat, Oats
Spices: Coriander, Grains Of Paradise, Lemon Peel, White Pepper

Availability: Draft only, 1/6 barrels. Very Limited

6.5% ABV