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Mother Earth Weeping Willow Wit

Mother Earth Brewing Weeping Willow Wit.  

This beer style is over 400 years old, and continues to enjoy overwhelming popularity. Offering low hop bitterness, it is easy to enjoy. It pours very hazy, with a light gold color… we say it’s like summertime in a glass. Bitter orange peel and fresh coriander add zest and depth to this refreshing beer.

Style: Witbier

Flavor? Per ME: Our Wit offers a light flavor that carefully balances sweet and tart. Can you guess the secret spice?

Food Pairings:  Fruit Salad, Grilled Chicken, Grilled Tuna, Steamed Mussels, Buffalo Mozzarella, Mango Pie

Availability: 12 oz bottles, Draft. Available Year-Round

5% ABV