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Mikkeller/Brewdog “I Hardcore You”

Imperial IPA fans, this is a beer from you.  “I Hardcore You” is  a collaboration between Danish nomadic brewers Mikkeller, and Scottish inovative brewer – Brewdog from Glasgow, Scotland.   Now I used the term collaboration, but it’s not a collaboration beer in the traditional sense.   It’s a new recipe for sure – but with a twist.  It’s a blend of two beers already brewed by each of the brewers.

This beer is blend of Mikkeller’s “I Beat yoU” and Brewdog’s Hardcore IPA.  Both were blended together (at Brewdog in Scotland) and then dry hopped twice post blend.  Interestingly enough, it might be the first of it’s kind.  It’s hard to find a beer that is an actually blend of beers from the respective brewers, not a collaboration producing something completely new.

Style: Imperial IPA

Taste Expectations: Aromas of pineapple & citrus.  Flavor follows w/ a nice grapefruit flavor balanced by a nice caramel backbone.

Availability: 12 oz bottle. S0ld individually. Around $6 dollars.  Rare draft.

9.5% ABV

Looking for it? Green’s on Ponce.  Draft 10/23 at Brick Store Pub!