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Madtree Blood Orange Psychopathy debuts today

MadTree Blood Orange PsyHOPathy cans

MadTree Blood Orange PsycHOPathy will be available in cans this month, thanks to a strong demand by the brewery’s fanbase.

The beer debuted in fall of 2015 as a taproom experiment. A experiment MadTree Brewing says, customers couldn’t get enough of. The brewery took their popular PsychHOPathy IPA and added fresh blood orange juice, giving the beer a citrus kick.

“The tart and sweet character of the real Blood Orange juice complements the citrus, floral, and grassy hop flavors in PsycHOPathy. Plus, these are the some of the sexiest cans out there.” – Brady Duncan, MadTree Co-founder

Those sexy cans Brady mentions are thanks to Cincinnati artist Margaret Weiner. She is one of many local artists that designs all of MadTree’s can and bottle art.

What to expect. Hops and blood oranges. Not to over-talk this one, but the two big elements at play here – the flavor signature of the base IPA  PsycHOPathy, and the citrusy twinge of blood orange juice. We can see why fans demanded it.

MadTree Blood Orange PsycHOPathy will be available in 12 ounce cans starting the week of September 12th, for a limited time.

Style: IPA (w/ Blood Orange)
Availability: 12oz Cans, Draft
Debut: 9/12/16

6.2% ABV, 72 IBUs

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