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Leinenkugel’s Old Fashioned Shandy

Leinenkugel’s does a lot of volume in the shandy market. More than 60% of the brewery’s sales are in the specialty offering.

The popularity of shandies prompted the brewery to expand the number of offerings to include Orange Shandy, and Lemon Berry Shandy.

Coming this fall is yet another in the lemonade meets beer line – Old Fashioned Shandy. This edition blends the flavors of citrus with oak, for an refreshing flavor of autumn.

Our latest Shandy-style beer takes some of our favorite tastes from simpler times and fashions them into something new. We blend traditional wheat beer with oak and citrus for a crisp flavor combination that’s as bright as the autumn leaves.

Leinenkugel’s Old Fashioned Shandy will be available in 12oz cans.

Style: Shandy (w/ Lemons, Oak)
Availability: 12oz Cans
Arrival: Fall, 2014

?? ABV