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Lagunitas Brown Shugga 2013 Arrives

Lagunitas had to cut Brown Shugga’ from its lineup a couple of years ago. The brew is one of the most expensive beers in the portfolio, and for every case of Shugga‘  Lagunitas brewed, they were short 3 cases of their daily beers. The brewery in Petaluma has since expanded, (and Chicago is nearing ready) and the beer is here to stay. (Well, that’s what Lag says.)

The beer exists thanks to an accident. Lagunitas had a failed batch of Olde Gnarlywine in 1997, so they tried to fix it with brown sugar. You know what happened from here.

12oz bottles and draft have seasonally returned. Rejoice, grab bottles, get happy.

Style: Barlywine (w/ Brown Sugar)
Availability: 12oz botttles, Draft. Seasonal

9.84% ABV 

One thought on “Lagunitas Brown Shugga 2013 Arrives

  1. ” …the beer is here to stay (Well, that’s what Lag says.)”

    Other things they said:
    Sucks will beer year-round.
    Daytime will beer year-round.
    Sucks will be here in October.
    Daytime will be here in July.

    I love several brews from this brewery, but when it comes to what they say about when which beer will be available to where and for how long…I’ll believe it when I drink it.

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