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No Shugga’ from Lagunitas this holiday season

at least for this  year…  Lagunitas had to cut Brown Shugga’ from it’s lineup this year.  But don’t you worry Shugga’ lovers, it’s only for this year.  Brown Shugga’ is a more expensive beer to produce and has been coming to all of you at a far to discounted price, so for this year, it will not be produced so that Lagunitas can catch up.  For every case of Shugga‘ brewed, they were short 3 cases of their daily beers.

Lagunitas also stated that they will only be producing 50% as much Hairy Eyeball and they will not make anymore Gnarleywine until their new brewhouse is online sometime around late January.  Brown Shugga’ will be produced again next holiday season with the  new brewhouse up and running.