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Kona Brewing Makana Series returns in 2016

Kona Makana Series

Kona Brewing will revive their Makana Series once again in 2016. The Hawaii exclusive releases feature beers inspired by four natural elements.

In 2015, the Makana Series raised $57,662 for Hawaii nonprofit organizations. (Makana means “to give”.)

“The Makana Series was a wonderful way to honor and help protect our aina, raise funds locally and treat customers to one-of-a-kind craft beers available nowhere else but in Hawaii. We’re thrilled to be bringing it back,” said Sandi Shriver, head of brewing operations for Kona Brewing Company.

The series was developed around ingredients representing the natural forces (earth/aina, wind/makani, fire/wela and water/kai) that make Hawaii so beautiful. The 2016 lineup includes: 

  • Aina Brown Ale, a beer inspired by the land and brewed with kalo (taro) helped support Sustainable Coastlines Hawaii, which cares for Hawaii’s coastlines.
  • Wela Red Ale, inspired by fire and made with cold-smoked Kiawe wood, helped support Malama Maunalua, which is committed to conserving and restoring Oahu’s Maunalua Bay.
  • Kai Golden Ale, made with deep-sea ocean water sourced off the Kona coast, helped bring to life the mission of Surfrider Foundation Hawaii, which is dedicated to the keeping oceans safe, clean and accessible.
  • Makani Wheat Ale, inspired by wind and made with honey collected from bees that pollinate the flowers of koa trees, contributed to the Hawaiian Legacy Reforestation Initiative, dedicated to planting Koa Legacy Trees and other threatened native saplings and shrubs across the Hawaiian Islands.

Each beer will be available for around 3 months each.