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No Kegs, No Football Throwing at 49’ers New Spot

Beer and tailgating go very well together. Drinking may very well be America’s favorite and best pastime. The new 49’ers $1.3 billion dollar Levi’s Stadium ┬áhas a few proposed rules that might hurt a little of the tailgating spirit.

First, the beer. Last night, the Santa Clara police proposed rules include a ban on kegs at tailgates. Thankfully, drinking is still allowed. You might say – do you really need kegs at tailgates? Of course you do if you are serving a lot of people. Kegs are cheaper per ounce, and produce less waste. Hold a tailgate for 20+ of your closest friends and you’ll see.

In addition to the keg ban, you won’t be allow to play catch. That means no throwing around a football. Oh, and no loud music.

Other proposed bans/rules include no animals, including birds, fish and reptiles. Leave your goldfish at home folks.

Next step before the rules become rock solid is public input. [NBCBayArea]

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