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Watch Jim Koch Busts a Glass on National TV [Video]

Boston Beer founder Jim Koch was on MSNBC’s Morning Joe today talking about his lineup.  Then this happens.  Who ever said brewers had to be graceful?

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4 thoughts on “Watch Jim Koch Busts a Glass on National TV [Video]

    •  LOL! Yeah, he listed them first didn’t he. But Goose Island opened themselves up for that. They are AB/InBev now no matter what angle you look at it. Did they really think they could do this without any repercussions. Permanent at that IMO.

      • I agree, but I don’t think they belong to be listed first in the conversation of “immitation crafts” the big boys started.  They don’t belong in that category at all.  I agree with the repercussions, but I’m pretty sure they still make beer the same way they did when they were independently owned. 

        • Perhaps not imitation crafts because of course they were a independent at one time and this is where my moderate rant begins.

          Yes, they may make beer the same way they did when they were independently owned, but does it taste the same to the legion of homebrewers and beer lovers who supported this small craft brewery when they were just a small independent company that were going up against the big boys. Now they’ve just jumped right in the bed with the company that probably inspired them to make a better beer in the first place. And in AB/InBev’s eyes, they’ve not just acquired a good beer, they acquired more shelve space in the war of beers.

          Think about it. When a macro-brewery buys part of a craft brewery is that really good for the craft beer movement or a good thing for the macros? What if SN, Anchor or Stone or god for sake all the small breweries were partly owned by one of the big 3? Even if the beer taste the same, would  that be a good thing? Is that what we really want? Is that where this whole craft beer renaissance is leading us. I sure hope not.

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