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Jailhouse Prison Camp Pils Kicks Off Inmate Hooch Series

Jailhouse Prison Camp PilsWithout sounding biased, Jailhouse Brewing has some of the most creative labels I’ve seen lately.  The brewery is quite literally based in an old jailhouse/courthouse in Hampton, Georgia, just south of the city of Atlanta.  It’s as small town south as you can get.  This summer, brewmaster Glen Golden and the jailhouse crew will release Prison Camp Pils, a new beer and new style for them.

Operating in an old jailhouse (and calling yourself Jailhouse) is pretty much a beer name goldmine.  Each beer falls into unique “jail” themed series – like Solitary Confinement, Witness Protection (you never see bottles), Trustees Series, etc.  Pils is part of the “Inmate Hooch” series.  I promise you, this isn’t made in a toilet.    Start looking this one late June, early July 2012.

Style: Pilsner
Availability: 22oz bombers, Draft

5.5% ABV 

Jailhouse just got a new inmate.  Follow @JailhouseInmate for more brewery info…