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How About A Beer Massage? Beer Rubdown?

Going to GABF? How about a malt scrub.  Beer exfoliation?  These are real things.

Ritz-Carlton in Denver will be using beer, not some new age kelp/ox blood/alien hair/moon rock treatment to smooth your hair and skin.  The spa at the hotel will use to Great Divide Brewing beers – Yeti Imperial Stout and Samurai Ale for the Mile High Malt Scrub and Micro Brew Scalp Massage.

You apparently mix the beer into malt, and drink the rest. The spa workers then exfoliate the skin with the malt-beer mix.  How can you top that? Easy.  Step #2 in the beer pampering process is the Yeti being brushed on your newly malt-exfoliated skin.

Oh we aren’t done.  Next up? The Yeti hair treatment.  Yep, an imperial stout scalp massage.  Then a Yeti/moisturizer body rubdown. Then more beers in the lounge.  75 mins. $200.

If that’s not your thing, there is also the “Hops N’ Honey Ultimate Manicure.”

The Hops N’ Honey Ultimate Pedicure, the spa’s signature treatment. Embracing notes of amber, caramel, oats and honey, this pedicure was created specifically for the hotel. This decadent service starts with a scoop of “Hops ‘n Honey Me! Bath Ice Cream” to soften and nourish the feet. Then, legs and feet are exfoliated and a caramel foot mask is applied for hydration. A paraffin foot dip is also included before whipped milk and honey lotion is massaged into the feet and legs. Nails are polished as a finishing touch. As an extra indulgence, samplings of three microbrews from a neighboring brewery or herbal teas are served to complete the experience.  75mins, $200.

I’m totally down for a beer bath.  I’ll ignore the talk. I’ve already reached out to the Ritz.  Post to follow. [DenverPost]