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Hooray Beer! Red Stripe To Be Brewed In America

Red Stripe has a big American market. The Jamaican lager is currently brewed in none other than Jamaica for importation into the U.S.

City Brewing (  , PA)  will be handling the production stateside.   Desnoes & Geddes Limited – who currently brews the beer in Jamaica will keep doing so for  Jamaica, Brazil, Canada and Europe.  Plus financial kickbacks from sales.

“Red Stripe and Red Stripe Light’s distinctive taste profiles will remain the same, and the brand’s personality will continue to embody the Jamaican culture that has always been its inspiration,” said Sheila Stanziale, President, Diageo-Guinness USA.

Red Stripe was first introduced in 1928 [MutineerMag]

Screw what you think about the beer,  the commercials are hilarious…