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Pike Completes Brewery Expansion

Pike Brewing Company has completed an expansion that will allow them to increase production by 30%.  The additions include beer tanks, fermenters, conditioning tanks, high pressure steam keg filler, and glycol chiller among other things.  Pike, like many other breweries these days, was only producing enough beer to keep their current orders filled until this expansion.  Now, they will have the ability to have enough beer to fill those orders and expand into other areas.

Due to their urban location right next to the famous Pike Place Market in Seattle, WA, Pike’s expansion had very little space to work with.  The tanks, etc. were specially designed to fit into the space available, in some cases leaving less than an inch to spare.  As you can imagine, installation day was a bit tense, but all went well.  Once everything was installed the outside of the building was repainted and Pike was ready to go!