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Homer Simpson’s Beloved “Duff” Becomes Reality

Duff Beer, the most well known, non-existent beer, is now a reality.   The Simpsons made this beer legendary, appearing in episodes 23 years ago.  Duff Beer is a caricature of big beer (allusions to Bud, Busch, etc) produced in The Simpsons home town of Springfield.   Years ago when creator Matt Groening was asked if he would license the beer, he said no – for fear of encouraging children to drink.

The Legendary Duff Beer is officially available in the United Kingdom, Scotland, and Wales.  In true Duff fashion, the beer is an American style lager,  Reinheitsgebot compliant, and brewed by Eschweger Klosterbrauerei.  To those diehard American fans of the show, the beer isn’t being shipped into the states.   Recently, The Simpsons just celebrated their 500th episode.

Availability: 12oz can, 12 oz bottle.

4.7% ABV

 Ed Note:  There have been numerous beers brewed around Europe under the name “Duff.”  According to the company, this is the first official licensing of the product.   

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