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Oskar Blues To Can Whiskey Too

Oskar Blues Brewing LogoOskar Blues Brewing  (Lyons, CO) is making plans to start canning something new and it’s not beer.   It’s Whiskey.    Soon Colorado will know Lyon Soul Distilling.

The barn (where the Oskar Blue’s can beer revolution got started, and The Foo Fighters have played) will house a new distillery.  The still is already ordered and will be ready by Summer, 2012.  Dale Katechis (you know him without knowing him: Dale’s Pale Ale)   His grandfather owned a still when he was growing up in Alabama so distilling seems to have always been in his blood.   The first two products to be sold will be an Organic Agave Nectar using local Madhava honey, and a whiskey made from brewery mash, aged in french oak barrels.

Ironically, this isn’t the first crossover by Oskar Blues into the distilling world.  They brewery used to provide the mash to Stranahan’s Colorado Whiskey in the past few years.  (Plus they have used Stranahan’s barrels for beer aging.)   For those who partake on non-alcoholic beverages,  OB is planning on canning their root beer too.

In other news from Oskar Blues: The brewery is collaborating with Sun King to make “Chaka“, and is shipping Deviant Dales in tallboy cans.