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High Tech Security Hack Keeps Your Beer Safe

You ever have issues with friends and room mates drinking your precious beer?  You could hide it around the house like alcoholic easter eggs.  I guess a gun safe would work too, but refrigeration is a nightmare.  Let face it.  It’s just not… cool.

The tech savy/hacker/beer enthusiasts at Milwaukee Makerspace are working up a new solution to beer free loaders.  An RFID swipe system.  It’s kind of like the badge you would you use to swipe into your office.  The refrigerator/kegerator is secured by the system.  Using a nokia screen with some custom programming and geek know how, your stash is secure.  Those with a keg fob and access can get to your beer.  The kegerator even uses a flowmeter  to record how much beer was consumed, and by who.

…we are also working on a version that uses an android phone for display, data logging and cloud-connected goodness.

Want.  [MilwaukeeMakerspace]