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A Beer For Hipsters From Evil Twin

New Evil Twin beer headed stateside – Williamsburg Hipster Ale.  A hoppy pale ale for those hipsters worldwide.  Grab a record, a glass, and drink.

Perhaps you’ve heard of a single hop beer, where a brewer showcases the qualities of just one hop.  Well this is something entirely different – a singl hip beer- our tribute to the hipster neighborhoods from across the globe.  This super-cool, disheveled little pale ale is dedicated to Williamsburg, Brooklyn.  It’s an homage to skinny jeans, converse, vintage clothing, and all things local.  Sent to you lovingly 4,000 miles away from the beautiful island of Fano, Denmark.  Cheers hipsters!

Style: Pale Ale
Availability:  11.2oz bottles

5.5% ABV

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