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Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm celebrates the double decade mark

Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm

Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm will mark the two decade mark for the Baltimore brewery.

The story of Heavy Seas is one of building a brewery that we personally love. Brewery founder Hugh Sisson wanted to build a brewpub so badly, he lobbied the Maryland legislature in 1987. That success allowed him to build Sisson’s Tavern. In 1994, he left there to form Clipper City Brewing. For years you saw beers released under the Clipper City brand, the first beer using the Heavy Seas name was Winter Storm. A few years ago, Heavy Seas became the unified brewery name.

As for Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm, the base beer is an imperial extra special bitter, aged in bourbon barrels for 75 days.

“When I started brewing at Sisson’s in 1989, I had no idea the industry would ever get so big,” says Hugh Sisson. “Back then, we just wanted to produce beers with flavor – and recreate the concept of small scale, artisanal beer.  I am grateful for the opportunities we have had to nurture the growth of our industry in Maryland, and hope that this 20th anniversary for Heavy Seas is seen for what it really is – a milestone for Maryland beer as a whole.”

Heavy Seas 20 Year Storm debuts on December 7th, 2015. (Their birthday is December 8th).

Style: Imperial ESB (w/ Brown Sugar. Barrel Aged. Bourbon.)
Release: 12/8/15

10%  ABV