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Harpoon Releases New Beer Brewed with Reclaimed River Water

Harpoon Charles River Pale Ale

Harpoon Charles River Pale Ale will be released tomorrow at select HUBweek events in Boston, Massachusetts. Harpoon Brewery, alongside big-names such as The Boston Globe, MIT, Harvard University, and Massachusetts General Hospital, will host this years HUBweek to commemorate creativity and ingenuity in the arts, sciences, and tech industries. Harpoon Brewery collaborated with Desalitech, a company dedicated to cutting-edge high-volume water purification systems, to create the Charles River Pale Ale brew using water from the local Saint Charles River.

Harpoon Charles Pale Ale was created using purified Saint Charles river water that Desalitech withdrew from the river and was then purified using their treatment platform called reverse osmosis, and was delivered to Harpoon Brewery earlier this month. Brewers began making this one-of-a-kind beer using the clean, purified water from the notoriously dirty Saint Charles River to bring about awareness of the problems facing the lack of clean water and desalinization and water-treatment techniques worldwide.

“Water scarcity is a global challenge that affects millions across the world — we are proud to be a Massachusetts company that is providing solutions and making an impact here in the U.S. and beyond,” said Nadav Efraty, CEO of Desalitech. “We are thrilled to join with Harpoon Brewery to demonstrate the efficiency and high rate of recovery we can achieve when treating water from all types of sources, including the Charles River.”

Harpoon Charles River Pale Ale is a light brew with a hoppy and fruity finish. Harpoon Brewery Charles River Pale Ale will be available at HUBweek and will also be released at the Harpoon Beer Hall in the Seaport District of Boston.

Style: Pale Ale
Availability: on draft at HUBweek (October 3-10, 2015), Brewery Taps
Arrival: September 30, 2015

5.2% ABV