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Han Solo Cups are very real & might be the most genius Star Wars branding ever

Han Solo Cups

Since Disney purchased Star Wars, you might have noticed a massive jump in movie-related branding.

Some make perfect sense. Columbia recently released the “Echo Base Collection” of jackets inspired by the heroes of the rebellion on Planet Hoth. Other more expensive partnerships include the Nissan Rogue collection. At the L.A. Car Show last year, as many as 7 Star Wars inspired vehicles were shown, but much to the chagrin of fans, they weren’t for sale. (We really wanted to drive in traffic in a Nissan Rogue with X-Wing wings & a BB-8 unit poking out the top.)

The Dole bananas and oranges emblazoned with Star Wars related stickers were just plain stupid. The Dark Side doesn’t need any potassium.

You might overlook something as simple as plastic cups on the shelf at Target or Walmart. But take a second a look at Solo’s new Han Solo Cup branding. Yes, it’s very real and as much as you want to hate it, it’s both simple and brilliant. Honestly, a perfect way to promote the May 25th release of Solo: A Star Wars Story.

There is even a contest on the company’s website, where entrants can win a Solo Party Pack, which includes a t-shirt, cups, and movie tickets for your “Solobration”.

As much as we want to hi-five Solo’s marketing department, we humbly ask if next time you will put our favorite scoundrel on the cup itself. Please.