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Growlers Arrive In Atlanta

Suck it Athens, Georgia.  Atlanta finally gets growlers.  Today Hop City becomes the first place to sell growlers, and the people love it.  It looked like an iPhone launch for beer geeks.

If you don’t know about growlers, its like this.  $5 gets you a glass jug in which you pour draft beer into.  It’s then capped, and you open it within a few days & drink it.  Fresh from the tap to your house.  Rinse it. Take the growler back & get it filled again..

Growlers are quite popular in other parts of the U.S. but those pesky antiquated state laws get in the way.  Now you can.  Hop City sells the  growlers for $5 dollars plus the price of the beer. There are 16 taps to choose from, rotating constantly.  Today’s first 16 included Wild Heaven’s Ode To Mercy & Invocation, Jailhouse Breakout Stout, Terrapin Moo Hoo & Rye Squared, Sweetwater Happy Ending 2010 & IPA, Red Brick 16th Anniversary, Stillwater, New Belgium 10-10-10 & Oh La La, Duvel Green, Lost Abbey Red Barn, Victory Braumeister Stout, Brooklyn Lager,  & Southern Tier 2X IPA.

Red Brick blew first and was replaced by French Broad Anvil Porter.  5pm found a line out the door.  Everyone was patient, especially as the new system gets polished up.  Yours truly was the first in Atlanta history to get a growler.  I’m drunkenly proud.  The tap handles will constantly change as another beer runs out, so check the list everyday.

Sunday sales and growlers in the same week.  Told ya Santa Claus was an alcoholic.

9 thoughts on “Growlers Arrive In Atlanta

  1. Awesome! Having lived in San Diego, I used to get growlers from Stone Brewing. I am stoked about this. Plus, I live only a few miles from Hop City. Question, where can I find the list you mention to check?

    • Well, thats the thing. Where to put the list. BC the station can change constantly, it could be every 10 mins on a Friday or Saturday. It could be too much tweeting. It could clog Facebook. How would you do it? Open to suggestions…

      • Good point about overloading twitter or facebook. Those two options would be the easiest to maintain though. Putting it on the website might take a little more time to update. I do like the webcam idea. King of Pops takes a picture of his menu and attaches it to his tweets once a day. He doesn’t update when he runs out of something. Maybe they could do a few times a day at set times – not every time they change? Would help get the word out about this awesome offering.

        I plan on stopping by tonight and picking up two. I am stoked about this!

  2. Maybe a separate Twitter or Facebook account for the growler info (separate from your page feed or the store’s main page- not sure who’s going to be posting it)? That way it could be hidden from the feed if it was very busy, but still accessible if someone wanted to check it? Or maybe just post one in the morning each day and add the disclaimer to each list that “offerings may change as the day goes on.” Beer Growler posts stuff as it’s tapped out or added and it never seems to clog up my Facebook wall. From the article, only one tapped out yesterday, so that would’ve only been one post. Not too bad.

  3. The wordpress iPhone app allows you to update pages from the app. WordPress powers the Hop City website…sounds easy and quick

    • These are great suggestions. The website is being overhauled yet again. Once growlers became viable, the plan changed again. Some much beer, so little time. LOL.

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