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Goose Island Eyeing Georgia 4 Quarter Rollout?

It’s no secret that Goose Island Brewing was purchased last year by beer giant Anheuser-Busch.    As speculated, the acquistion was going to give Goose Island more brewing capacity (& more places to brew.)  Prior to the purchase last year, I visited the production brewery.   The brew house spends a good deal of time brewing 312 Wheat to keep up with demand.  Post purchase, at least some of the 312 Wheat -specifically cans, are now being brewed in Baldwinsville, New York at one of the Budweiser facilities.

I have learned today from a reliable source that Goose Island has plans to rollout draft in Atlanta in Quarter 4.   Again, draft only initially.    Leap frogging states?  Not the first for breweries (see most recently Finch’s Beer Co.)  There have been many Goose Island kegs showing up just to the north in Nashville.  The brewery is most certainly looking to get their “feet wet” in that state as well.  A friend just noted that you’ll probably see this happen in states that have big AB production facilities.  (i.e. Cartersville, Georgia)

More to come for sure.   Especially what beers & when.

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