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Official: New Holland To Distribute To Georgia in October

New Holland has officially signed a Georgia distribution deal. United Distributors will be bringing New Holland’s lineup into the Peach State in late September/October, 2012.

New Holland follows on the heels of Boulevard Brewing in the state, and Goose Island Brewing, arriving in mid-September. New Holland Brewing Company was founded in 1997. In 2011, the brewery shipped 15,500 barrels to 13 states.

Launch lineup to be announced in September.

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Georgia Enters The 21st Century

Tonight was a big night for alcohol in Georgia.  Sunday sales (SB 10) has passed by a vote of 127-44, allowing for the state to sell alcohol off premise on Sunday.  If you’re not in Georgia, here’s a bit about the alcohol situation in the state.  Sales of alcohol (wine, beer, liquor) were only permitted between 12pm & 12 am (2 am for some counties) for ON premise only.  That means bars.  Grocery stores can sell beer and wine in the state, but not on sunday.  That goes for all package stores.

For the first time in 8 years, the State of Georgia has a governor that would sign Sunday sales into law.  With Nathan Deal’s signature, each of the state’s 157 counties can hold referendums to decide whether to allow sales.

Until tonight, Georgia was one of only three states that does not allow Sunday sales.  The others are Indiana and Connecticut.  <AJC>

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Hop City To Sell Growlers

Hop City Craft Beer & Wine in downtown Atlanta has announced that they will be selling growlers starting April 14th, 2011.  These will be the first growlers sold in Atlanta.

Late 2010, the Georgia Department of Revenue “revised” their view on the use and sale of growlers.  This opened the door for 2 places in Athens, Georgia- The Beer Growler, and 5 Points Growler.  Stipulations for growler sales include being an “off premise” location, and not selling spirits/liquor.

Hop City will open with 16 rotating tap handles.  Refillable 64 ounce growlers will be $4.99.

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Georgia To Get Second Growler Store

Georgia will be receiving it’s second store selling growlers very soon, this one again in Athens, GA.  5 Points Bottle Shop has been a landmark for many years for beer and wine.  Coming soon is 5 Points Growlers.

Mentioned in the Brewtopia Newsletter, 5 Points has received all the proper licensing for the venture.  The grand opening is planned for just after April 1, 2011.  5 Points Growler will also sell home brewing supplies.

5 Points Growlers
3687 Atlanta Hwy.
Athens, GA

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Georgia Sunday Sales Out of Committee!

Finally out of committee!!!  From the Peach Pundit:

Sunday Sales advocates rejoice.  The Senate Republican caucus has just voted and SB 10 will be allowed out of Rules and will be voted on as a stand alone bill, not as an amendment to SB 150, on Wednesday.

There are some technical corrections that need to be made to SB 10, so expect amendments.  I would envision the amendment process to get quite lively.  If you enjoy good political theater, get down to the Capitol early Wednesday, and bring a Costco sized tub of popcorn.


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GEORGIA: Sunday Sales Vote Today?

Creative Loafing’s “Fresh Loaf” is reporting that the Sunday Sales could see a floor vote today, but not as SB 10.  Apparently there are enough senators demanding sunday sales see the light of day, so it has been attached to SB 150.  If it passes, it would be up to local governments to allow or disallow the sales of beer/wine/liquor on Sunday.

From the Fresh Loaf Article:
While the bill came through the Regulated Industries Committee and Rules Committee ”clean”, the amendment to attach Sunday Sales is expected on the Senate floor. I’m told there is a heated battle among Senate heavyweights to demand the bill be “engrossed”, which would prohibit amendments. This generally from Senators who find a recorded vote on Sunday Sales a lose-lose for them, or who can profit from a non-vote as a win-win. The engrossment of a bill is usally only done on a finance or ethics bill, so a vote for engrossment on this bill can be viewed as a proxy for those who do not want a Sunday Sales vote.

Researching this situation.  More to follow…

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Georgia Still Pushing For Sunday Sales

GEORGIA – Published in the Atlanta Journal Constitution today was the state of Sunday Sales in Georgia. The bill still isn’t dead, just stalled.

What You Need To Know:
– There are 2 bills up for vote, one in the House (HB 69), one in the Senate (SB 10)
– The Senate bill has stalled in the Rules committee Mid February.
– Republican Caucus held a secret vote, opting not to bring the bill to the floor for a vote.
– The House Bill actually passed the committee, but hasn’t reached the floor for a vote.

There are some interesting discussions on constitutionality of the situation and more.

Read The Access Atlanta Article Here —>