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Georgia Mulls Sunday Sales Today

The Georgia Senate will begin discussing a bill (Senate Bill 10) today that would allow for Sunday sales.  Like the recent growler discussion, the ability for an off premise site to sell on Sunday would be decided by the local governments.

Grocery stores (Kroger/Target/Publix/Walmart) & package stores would be allowed to sell beer & wine on Sundays with the passage of the bill.  There are many proponents of the bill that feel the current law preventing sales on Sunday is religiously motivated and should be changed.  Starting at 1pm today, the discussion begins.  NOTE: This is the very beginning of the discussion. Not a vote to legalize…

Updates to follow… Follow @jasbragg on Twitter, who is at the senate in person…

UPDATE 1:50pm: Passes Senate committee. Next up, a floor vote.
3:30pm: AJC Reports on Senate Committee

Links: Tifton Gazette , Washington Examiner, Fox Atlanta

One thought on “Georgia Mulls Sunday Sales Today

  1. Thank God Sonny is gone. I’ve still got my letters from Sonny and Casey in regards to the mass 08 petition for Georgia to get it’s head out of it’s ass.

    It will truly be a great day when Dekalb passes Sunday alcohol sales and I can proudly purchase a 6 pack at Kroger when I damn well feel like it.

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