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Brooklyn Sorachi Ace Promoted

A few sources close to Brooklyn Brewing’s distributors are telling me that the brewery has promoted their recent Brewmaster’s Reserve Sorachi Ace to a year round offering.

Sorachi Ace is a farmhouse ale released early 2010 brewed with a rare unique hop Sorachi ace.  It was developed in Japan at Sapporo Brewery in 1988.  Ace is a cross between British Brewers Gold and Saaz hop varieties.  This hop is very lemony in smell and flavor.  Unlike other offerings by Brooklyn, Sorachi Ace features only this hop.  Ace is unfiltered, uses a proprietary Belgian yeast strain, and is dry hopped also with Sorachi.  Also bottle re fermented.

Ace became quite popular very fast, and with Brooklyn Brewing’s recent expansion promoting this beer seems like a no-brainer.

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