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A Game of Strip Twister Closes Brewing Collective

A brewery incubator in Houston, Texas is closing down. The reason is not financial.

The League of Extraordinary Brewers is being evicted from their establishment thanks to “public nudity” incident. We’re talking about a game of strip twister.

 “Indeed, I had agreed to host a naked game night: a completely private event that takes place at bars all over Houston regularly. We covered all the windows and had someone working the door. Only one thing went wrong: an employee of the architectural services firm next door that has access to our hallways was working long after business hours and stumbled up a game of strip Twister in the hall. Whoever this person was, he or she had clearly never seen the naked male body before and took great offense to the incident, crying “public nudity” to the landlord.”

Of all the things that can stand in the way of craft beer, who would have thought strip twister? Prudes.

In other weird brewery news, did you read about the Pig’s Blood incident? 

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