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Galaxy Far, Far Away Has A Beer

Props to a new brew from Blue Point Brewing (Long Island, NY) for show Star Wars never gets old.  (Wait. it has absolutely nothing to do with that movie Mr. Lucas.  The brewers at Blue Point are just fascinated with astronomy.)

Galaxy Far, Far Away Ale is a new draft offering from Blue Point.  Blue Point just expanded a bit back in June

The latest additions to the ever-expanding Blue Point brewhouse are a couple of much-needed big, shiny new tanks. It was a tight squeeze getting the 60-bbl hot liquor tank in place, but she produces more hot water than the brewery needs on a daily basis. Now you can catch a peek through the tasting room window of the guys cleaning and scrubbing like Cinderella getting ready for the ball. (For anyone who would get a kick out of seeing Big Brandon in a gown, we’re thinking about that for the next tasting room event.)

And, it definitely won’t ease all the growing pains around here, but the new 60-bbl fermentor is increasing production by 150 kegs a week or so.

Now, lets hope Long Island can keep their hockey team too. (yeah, theres been talk.)