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Funk Factory White Lodge Gueuze releases in November

Funk Factory Geuzeria White Lodge

Funk Factory White Lodge releases in November, tickets go on sale October 15th.

Funk Factory White Lodge is an American-style gueuze the brewery is pretty proud to unveil. Brewed and fermented as close to tradition as possible, White Lodge is a blend of 3,2, and 1 year lambics.

Bottles of Funk Factory White Lodge are $20.00 each, with a limit of 6. Tickets on sale on October 15th, via this link. Bottle release is November 14th, 2015, at O’so Brewing’s anniversary party.

Those buying tickets have a chance to purchase Funk Factory Frampaars as well.

Style: Gueuze
Availability: 750ml Bottles. Limited Release.
Release: 11/14/15

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