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Founder’s Better Half Releases Today

Founders Better HalfFounder’s Brewing’s newest Backstage Series installment goes on sale today. (About an hour from now.)  Curmudgeon’s Better Half is a beer formerly known as Kaiser’s Curmudgeon.  We’re talking old ale brewed with molasses, aged 254 days in bourbon barrels that were recently used for aging maple syrup.

The Founder’s tap room will feature 750ml bottles of Better Half for $17 dollars a piece.  After today, a limited amount of Better Half will ship to Founder’s markets for beer geeks to fight over.

Style: Old Ale (Maple Syrup, Barrel Aged)
Availability: 750ml bottles
Released: 2/13/12

11.9% ABV 

Lots of Better Half & 750’s of Bell’s Black Note.  That’s $140 worth of Better Half.  Pic via Mike Tinnon

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