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Flying Fish Exit 8

The is Exit 8 on the Flying Fish turnpike of beers.  Chestnut Brown Ale celebrates what puts the “Garden” in Garden State.

The long-delayed eighth stop on our mult-year trip to explore New Jersey though its beer and culture brings up to, coincidentally, Exit 8 and celebrates what puts the “Garden” in Garden State.   Did you know that New Jersey has more than 9,800 farms covering 790,000 acres?  We’re in the top four nationally in blueberries, cranberries, spinach, peaches, bell peppers and head lettuce produced.  Not bad for the most densely populated state.  To celebrate Exit 8, one of our big farming areas, we’ve brewed a beer that uses a lost local ingredient chestnuts-and a popular current one – local honey. 

This full-boided hybrid Belgian-style brown ale brings forward a nutty character from the chestnuts, accented by the flavors of honey, roasted barley and oat flakes.  Theres’a nice spienes from the Mt. Rainer hops while the Chinooks add a touch of pine.  Fuggles and Columbus round out the hop profile.  Exit 8 pairs perfectly well with hearty foods like roast pork, sausages, or a nice aged gouda.  

Style: Belgian Brown Ale
Availability: 25.4 oz bottles
Arrival: TBA

8.3% ABV

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