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Five Seasons Prado? Lucky Devil Brewing?

A few weeks ago I mentioned that 5 Seasons Prado has split away from the other 5 Seasons Brewing restaurants to become Lucky Devil Brewing.  Well… forget about that. Lucky Devil Brewing is back to being 5 Seasons Prado.  Confused?  So am I.

What’s behind the identity crisis?  Well, there is a rumor floating around right now that there already is a Lucky Devil Brewing out in California.  Dennis Lange, the location owner/operator of the Prado location, and previously Lucky Devil has departed completely.

I approached 5 Seasons Westside (I was nearby) and was informed that a formal press release will be issued soon about the Prado location.   In the meantime, the doors are open, the food is cooking, and the beer is flowing.

More to follow…