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First Taste: Bud Light Platinum

Without further ado, meet Bud Light Platinum.  The newest addition the Budweiser family.   I must admit, I’ve been looking forward to trying this beer.  When one of the biggest breweries on the planet makes a new beer, you can’t help but wonder about it.

The Basics:
Platinum is almost 2% higher than its middle class sibling (at 4.2% ABV.)  More corn was used in this brew to enhance the flavor, increase the alcohol, and maintain the light look and texture.  137 calories per 12oz. 4.4 carbs.

The Idea:
Bud Light is far and away one of the highest selling brands in AB’s portfolio.  Platinum is aligning itself with such recognition. Simply put, its the same beer you’ve come to know- just a little boozier & classier.

The Taste:
A little sweeter for sure.  The flavor has everything in common with the regular Bud Light.  To be perfectly honest, without a regular Bud Light to try side by side it’s hard to discern the flavor variation. And no, the higher alcohol is not detectable.

I bring this up for a reason.  Blue glass. After doing some cursory research I have found that most recycling places do not take blue glass for recycling.  That could be a black eye for the worlds largest recycler.   It’s sleek though.  It’s says “hey I’m classy, but I like to party.”

The beer geeks will tear this to shreds for sure.  However they aren’t the market for this beer so its of no consequence.  I can totally see this selling well at nightclubs, golf courses, etc.  First thing that comes to mind for me is the benefit of the higher alcohol content.  When you’re drinking at sporting events at $8-$10 a pop, the 6% gives you a bigger bang for the buck.

More info should be available soon on BL Platinum’s new website –, although it’s not active yet.

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202 thoughts on “First Taste: Bud Light Platinum

  1. Interesting, I’d check it out for sure. Bud Light will probably be pushing this like crazy come Super Bowl time. I know they are running a contest to be their corespondent for the Super Bowl.

  2. Just tried it for the first time tonight and my boyfriend and I think it’s great. Being bud light drinkers we can go through an 18 pack with no problem. We’ve only had a couple so far and already feel the effects lol. We both think it’s great! Keep going!!!

  3. man that sh$t is ive been drinking it for three days days straight since i found it at my local store. its refreshing,tatses great, and best of all it gets u drunk… thank u anheuser busch once agian

    • Overall, terrible marketing scheme.  Really…Bud Light “Platinum”, blue clear bottle.  Seems rushed.  Although, I do agree with all comments above regarding sporting events and the premium pricing of drinks.

  4. I like the way this product is packaged by AB. Its simple and to the point like the rest of the bud products. They want you to know its an alternative to Bud LIght, but it has the same great taste bud light drinkers prefer. The blue bottle is also a plus over clear or maybe even green since the ultraviolet portion of the spectrum is especially harmful and can promote chemical reactions that produce a unsatisfying flavor that will take away the freshness of a beer. If it was a brown bottle like the original, people would probably brush it aside and not acknowledge that it is a more classier option to Bud Light. Id be shocked to see this come out in a can, since it is suppose to be the more sophisticated of the AB products.

      • John your an idiot!  You are prolly one of those hippie MF’s that would promote Foster’s or one of those other crazy foreign beers just because you think its super collar pop to drink something different.  Im sure you pop the collar on your polo shirt thinking it looks cool but like anyone that wears CROCS You really look like  DUMBASS! 

        • This product is good I dont care what anyone says. And whats more no pesky head ache the next day. I am not sure what they put in this stuff but it drinks great and the only thing I have noted is a bit of a fast heart rate the next day but no headache at all or pains etc.  And I agree with you about John a true dork wad in his finest wiener hour…”fosters for me please” what a prude..

          • No they don’t but at least what you surmise as “paid reviewers” do like a faster buzz with less calories and this is what this swill provides. It’s better then Bud Light in taste, without the heavy after-taste and fill of regular Bud and as a fancy, like you are, without the dandy and that Evil Patchoulie smell, We have bigger dicks and wetter vaginas… Although weed, with this concoction would make me your ‘bestest’ friend. Chum. 😛

            I’m buzzed!

          • This is a good selling point. This week is the first time I’ve had beer in, probably, six months or more. I’m not a beer drinker or even much of a drinker, largely because of the pointless caloric intake. However, something like this sounds like a good deal! I remember several years ago, I was into Miller High Life as a beer I could tolerate. One night, though, a friend and I were watching the RNC (of all things) and between us drank a case of it and were both remarkably sober. That’s when I really thought, “I could have just eaten a large pizza and drank some soda and probably still have taken in fewer calories. I could have breathed into a plastic bag and felt about this impaired, too.” 

            But something like this.. might be worth checking out. l think I have a somewhat discerning taste when I do get beer, so I have no illusions about what this tastes like… maybe next time I’m golfing I’ll give it ago. 

        • “Hippies” don’t drink Foster’s– Foster’s is Australia’s Bud… and popped collar and crocs? What? Do you know what the words you use actually mean? I’m sure that when you yell at preppy frat guys and call them “hippies” they look at you with a perplexed look on their faces. “You stupid hippy and your greek hippy clubs! Go back to Hippsylvania!”

  5. Don’t buy Platinum. It’s extremely sweet and harder to enjoy. I barely finished the neck before I got the urge to dump the rest down the sink. This is a terrible review because it tastes nothing like original budlight and you can easily notice the 6% alcohol content.

    • You must not know your bud light very well….i’m a nightly bud light drinker(alcoholism is a disease which I happen to have :-/) and its extremely similar to bud light and there is no noticeable stronger alcohol taste, it is a tad bit sweeter than normal bud light but I actually like it better. It usually takes me 6-8 bud lights to feel anything, and after 3 platinums I was already on a good one…. I have found my new drink of choice while it’s still on sale for the introductory period. Don’t take Nlancasters replay seriously.

  6. sickboy405 wants to be taken from behind so bad… what a douche. Sickboy if you like dick than just get some gay boy. reidramsay I like your common sense take on this. my wife and I agree for sure. common sense is getting rare as you can see from Idiots like “sickboy405” better known as “I need my ass stomped on so bad! or penatrated.. 405” hahahahahah what a moron. Anyways thanks man. We like and will be checkn your reviews. PS: dear idiots, you can not taste the added etoh.  

  7. I have purchased some platinum today to see what its all about .In my personal opinion this is what I think …(obviously everyone has their own opinion so mine may quite different than many).
    After taking my first taste it seemed highly similar to the taste of Bud Light (a little sweeter and a hint of the extra alcohol which anyone would expect.NOT ANYWHERE NEAR INTOLERABLE LIKE SOME MALT LIQUOR . but it is SLIGHTLY THERE.
    I actually find the taste of  this beer in comparison to Bud Light (which i DO NOT DRINK anymore) almost preferable because of its sweetness (which i’m assuming is to help mask a little bit, the taste that the alcohol may have).
    The affect of the extra alcohol ? Yes, by all means, its there….Thats great and O.K. however , to use this product if I were out on a weekend hitting clubs,bars,ect. probably would not happen because i would have to be far more cautious of my BAC if I were driving (levels are getting more and more strict).So as a “social beer” 
    it may not be the right answer as when you are out and active and want to be refreshed, LEGALLY in reference to driving ,will not allow you to do so. Its concept almost kind of works against itself because you would legally be able to drink LESS, unless you weren’t driving. 
     I do not personally drink Many , IF ANY, AB products. I am always trying new brews and  actually tailor my beer supply with many different types and brands. i am not a dedicated, loyal.”brand drinker” and my taste can vary upon what I’m eating, If i’m eating ,climate ( I like heavier beers in a colder climate and lighter beers in a warmer one), and also by variance (getting “burned out ” on a flavor).
     So, the question is,
    Taste ? : its OK ta me better than BL because of sweetness.
    Would I buy it on a night out ? doubtful, ESPECIALLY if i were driving.Lets face it , law enforcement on a weekend or holiday is just plain out ta get ya (they’d easier give you a DUI/DWI than help you change a tire or get gas unless you’re a female that they THINK might possibly be able to get a date with if they let you go) ….its like the sun commin’ up…. “thats the way it is” and i’m not gonna try ta make their job of snagging me ANY easier.
     So where would I drink this? Well,probably not at home because I have far MORE and BETTER tasting beers.I would drink it in a place where I would be hanging for as long as I wanted or NOT driving and the person says:
    “hey , want a beer ? all we have are domestics (non craft) AND THIS NEW BL PLATINUM.”
    my reply,”gimme a platinum”.

  8. I drank 12 of the platinum beers. Didn’t feel the effects of the 6% alcohol. And didn’t have a hangover. This beer reminded me of bud select. Stick yo the original bud light. Or just go bud ice.

  9. Instead of saying “the same great taste that Bud Light drinkers prefer,” I’d say “the same taste that Bud Light drinkers like.” Leave out the “great” part, because the Bud Light taste is anything but great, in my opinion.

  10. Tastes like steel reserve 211 or hurricane!!! too sweet!!! I enjoy bud ice or cobra better!!! Or if I’m in the mood for a sweet beer blue moon or shock!!! not bad but I won’t buy it again. I’m a dos xx, coors light, miller light, and bud light drinker in that order of preference.

  11. So it sounds like the same old crappy bud light with higher alcohol content, you know you can get beer way over 6% for like a dollar or two extra for a six pack and it actually tastes like beer, not watered down corn/ malt water. 

  12. Bottom line is that if you’re going to drink…drink to get fucked up!! If not don’t drink at all!! forget the taste n look of the budlight its all good!! Cheeers bitches….

  13. Im sorry, but I’m a “beer geek” and I hate bud light, but I do like bud light platinum.  I don’t see how you can’t see the difference.  Ive always gone to coors light for my cheep beer but this gives me an appreciation for bud light I have never ever had. 

  14. it must be ice cold to enjoy, anything less than ice cold and the corn flavor and alcohol content really taste strong with a lingering aftertaste. blind taste next to bud light and you can tell the two apart readily. Overall I will only drink this from time to time IF I want to get a buzz faster.

  15. Just tried some. I think it taste better then Bud Light and the 6% helps alot. If you like thin light beers cause they don’t fill you up this is your beer. A light beer that makes you feel better! Glad I got it and I won’t pass it up in the future. Good job AB

  16. > than it’s middle class sibling
    This is not a contraction of “it is” or “it has”, so no apostrophe. You don’t write “hi’s middle class sibling”.

    > It’s says “hey I’m classy…

    Don’t review drunk 🙂

  17. ya brad, like hurricane 40, sweet, not refreshing, like a splenda sweet, i was excited to try, but it is gross to me, if I want a stiffer drink, i’ll take a dry red wine, pinot noir is the best invention ever

  18. this stuff is amazing…usually drink an 18 of regular budlight before im gettin to the point where i need to stop. grabbed a 12’er of this last friday night…woah buddy…that was plenty. cant even tell the difference in the two either. DEFFENITALY GIVE AB A DOULBE THUMBS UP ON THIS hope they keep makin it!!!

  19. I’m amazed they would go the route of blue glass bottles considering your findings that most recycling facilities don’t accept blue glass. For a company as big as AB InBev you’d imagine they would have also done this research and have been worried about backlash from the strong “go green” agendas.

      • I’m not sure why I scrolled this far down before calling someone an idiot.  But you have inspired me to skip the veritable who’s who of mouth breathing, cousin humping, white trash, trailer dwellers and leave this comment for you alone.  Relating people who recycle with a group responsible for the systematic extermination of 6 million Jews, a half million US Soldiers, and millions of others including physically/mentally disabled, Russians, and even clergymen is strong evidence of both your ignorance and lack of class.  I hope you die in a car fire.  Whether it be one that you keep out on your lawn, or the El Camino that blows your mullet in the wind.

      • Why? What’s wrong with recycling other than that one group of assholes has made it into a bad thing for manly men to do? It’s smart and… oh, there it is. That’s the problem. 

  20. The majority of the comments here perfectly illustrate why this is such a horrible product for society.  The overwhelming majority state that the flavor is so similar to Bud Light and you can’t even taste the extra alcohol, but you sure can feel it.  Great.

    Thanks Budweiser for making another corn-chip tasting, bland beer with extra alcohol so the mindless and palate-less douche bags of the world can get inebriated even more quickly.

    • There is evolution in everything. Look at where you are now. I, surmise that your slack jawed decedents made you more intelligent or that your precedents in history are the lesser for you to where upon your shoulder in animosity, leads you to where you are now. They were beer drinkers, unless you pull lineage and are ‘Blue’ blooded. I doubt… So relax, through Science and Marketing… Whoa! This future of intoxication is now. It’s call InBev Bud Light Platinum and through Science it has made a Frankenstein. Unless ‘Weed’ or ‘Shrooms’ become legal. We have this shill.

      You get what every persons wants for a quick buzz without having to drink 2/3 without the caloric loads and are in an Image Society. Unless you are a ‘Gay Bear’ and want a quick buzz… And with the lesser costs for the ‘Bang’, Me thinks that you are a ‘Blue’ Mountain drunkard or a fucked-up ‘prepper’.

      Regardless, Say hello to Grizzly Adams and party on, Bud!

  21. I tried this last night.   Compared to Bud Light — It’s richer, sweeter and has a minor aftertaste that reminded me of artificial sweetener.    It’s still a Bud though – carbonated & mostly flavorless. 

    The alcohol has a major kick compared to typical light beers.  It’s not just the higher content, but also the fact that you can consume it so easily.    Most high-alcohol beers I’ve tried just aren’t this easy to drink (like IPA’s). 

    With regular Bud Light I usually can’t drink it fast enough to get buzzed.   I had to cut myself off last night at 3 (and probably could/should have stopped at 2).

    • I got 3 six packs and was planning to drink it but then started drink hennesy, sprite and lime. After that was gone me and a friend started the crown and before i knew it i was passed out. i look forward to drinking it when i recover.

  22. This is the worst beer I’ve ever tasted… And I’ve tried Landshark. Absolute sorority girl bang beer… Which I guess gives it some value after all… Positive reviews come from people who like FourLoco.

  23. This stuff is awful, tastes like malt liquor that’s a little watered down.  That said, the “light” factor is interesting–it’s not a true light beer, but it does have 20 calories less than Natural Ice with the same alcohol content.  It should really just be called “Bud Ice Light.”

  24. I love bud light platinem. I just need it in a 18 pack. Im a Budweiser drinker but this is soo smooth and i love the tast. Thank-you bud light for this amasing beer. All you critics dont know what a BEER should tast like so please leave your comments to your self. The people who like REAL good beer know where its at. Drink BUD LIGHT PLATINUM its the best. ; )

  25. It’s okay. While it remains the same price as bud light at a few places I go to, I will order it.  When it becomes more expensive, I can find a craft beer that will taste 100x better with at least 6% ABV for only a buck or so more, yah I know what I will be drinking.  Give me a 6 pack of Dogfish Head any day over an 18 pack of Bud Light, and at the end of the day I will be blitzed and will have consumed less calories.

  26. Either its utah or they have already dropped the % cuz i was pumped to go and shell out 13 bux for a 12 pack of this supposed 6% beer, i went to the store, looked all over the box for anything stating 6%, couldnt find anything so i was just gona hope for the best, get home, go to crack one open and look on the back, it says alcohol content no more than 3.2% by weight, so where is the 6%, this is bullshit, i usually drink miller and its 3.2, and its 6 bux cheaper, now i get to call and get a refund for this crap due to false advertising, definitely either a notch down for me, or fuck utah for not selling the actual 6%, but it should be posted on the box what % it is

  27. I really hate to say this because I primarily drink
    bud light and looked forward to trying this beer ever since I saw the first
    commercial…. that being said this beer is absolutely terrible. I honestly
    think it tastes worse than any other beer on the market. I would probably drink
    it over Milwaukee’s best but only because of the alcohol content, ya it really
    is that bad. i will buy regular bud light from now on. P.S. I’m drinking
    platinum at this very moment while I write this review (a little drunk)

    •  I agree.  Although I really like a “real” beer like Sierra Nevada, I’ve always liked Bud Light for a refreshing uncomplicated swill.  So I saw Platinum in the store & thought, Why not?  Well, the why not is that it really tastes “off.”  The only descriptor I have for the aroma & taste of this stuff is the chemicals they use for burning a permanent in ladies’ hair.  This stuff tastes like it has something bad in it.  Seriously bad.  Ten are going down the drain & I’m off for a “real” beer to get this terrible taste out of my mouth… Not recommended.  If you need alcohol, pay a little more & find a nice India Pale Ale at around 7%…

  28. “Drink a real beer like Sam Adams or Stella Artoise.”  – commenter

    Best comment ever. Real beer like Stella or Sam Adams? That’s a joke, right?

    • Bud Platinum is the shit! Bout time we get a light beer with some kick too it. Tastes really good, a little sweet, but over all nice. Im a regular Bud, Busch drinker, and havent liked Bud light or Busch light for years.With this stuff you get a great buzz with less calories. Guess now I can get blistered drinking a light beer without adding High Gravity Hg or Joose to the mix!!! hahaha….

  29. Fair, honest, and truthfull opinion!!!!! This beer is strong. One beer and you’ll be pretty tipsy. If you want to get drunk and look somewhat sophisticated while doing it, Bud Light Platinum is the drink of choice. If you’re one of those beer nazis that think all large scale commercial beers are destroying the craft of brewing movement, disregard this comment. To all other beer drinkers, this beer is strong but falls short in the taste and enjoyability categories. Most drinkers will tell you this beer is sweeter and comparable to Bud Light, but in reality this beer is simply a more bitter and stronger version of Miller High Life. Tastes smooth and clean, but has a bitter and ugly after taste. Either way, if you’re drunk enough and simply want to keep your buzz, BLP is not a bad choice; specially if you are stuck in a club and short on cash.

    • After a couple of sips I was interested in seeing what other people thought of it. I purchased a 12er…so it is going to be consumed, but I do not see me being a return customer. Yes it is potent know….having had three, but it does has after taste that makes me say….WTF…is that??? I like trying new beers or ones that I have not had before, but this is the first one that sent me right to the computer. Let me reiterate….potent…but make sure it is cold real…cold.

  30. I  bought a 6 pack to give it a taste. After 3 beers I started to feel sick. A/B made gold into shitty wine. For the first time in my life I opened the rest and dumped them down the sink. I have drank alot of cheep beers in my days but never eny that were so nasty that I dumped them .  I am sticking to MILLER LIGHT, NOW THAT IS REAL BEER

  31. I have been drinking Budweiser for as long as I started drinking and my boyfriend brought home a six pack of Platinum wow ! That is the best beer I have had EVER!

  32. I used to drink the old bud light till a friend got me on Corona,but since they released the platinum I been drinking it and I will say its smoother and stronger then the old budlight and that’s all I been drinking

  33. This stuff is great! For those who don’t like it, or to drink in general, get the %$^& out and go troll elsewhere. People like this, as you like your choice, so lay off and drink what you want. In my opinion, Platinum is the best beer I’ve ever drank.

  34. I got a 6pk of BLP this morning. Wanting to try it and needing something a lil harder after a really rough night at work. It’s ok. Not bad, but I do agree it’s a little more bitter, not sweeter. But hell, my gf has had me drinking those damn BL w/ Limes for so long, I think I’ve lost my ability to judge real beer lol.

  35. As a homebrewer, I’m disappointed in this beer for two reasons.  One: the twist off caps, you can’t recap a bottle with a twist off rim, so I can’t re-use the bottles for my own beer.  Which is really too bad, cause I would like some blue bottles.  Besides, nothing says classy like a twist off cap, kind of like a screw on cap for a wine bottle instead of a cork.  And two: more corn!?!  Seriously?  Whats wrong with barley?  There are a lot of really good commercial beers out there that have more than 6% ABV that are not made with any corn or rice.

    •  Corn is cheaper than barley when you’re making 2,000,000 gallons of it a day.  What I want to know is how much raw ethanol they use to spice it up & where they buy it.  My Platinum (well, the three I drank) tastes like it has some sort of “industrial” chemical in it.  Very bad aroma & no real discernible hops flavor. 

      •  Or to put it another way, my first attempt at homebrewing at least tasted like beer. This stuff tastes like something hairdressers use to burn permanents in ladies’ hair.

  36. For me, I enjoy the taste of beer. I don’t drink just to get drunk.  I have always been a fan of Anheuser Busch.  Their beer is always crisp and refreshing.  The Platinum is not bad, but here is the problem; this beer is drinkable, but it leaves an after taste in your mouth when you take a drink (almost like a hard alcohol taste), if it is not really really cold, it almost tastes flat, and as far as the 6.0% alc. it is nice that you get bang for your buck; if you drink to get drunk.  So, in a nut shell…if I am going out with the girls and want to come home and have drunk wild sex with my husband and not spend a lot of money, this is the beer to drink, but to sit at home and enjoy a refreshing beer on a nice day, this is where Bud Light Platinum lacks.

  37. Just had it.  Dumped the last half down the drain.  You can totally taste the higher alcohol content.  Light beer cannot hide high alcohol.  I’m a brewer and can detect the differences.  Tastes sweeter sure – but the alcohol content kills the traditional bud light refreshing taste.  Why not just do a shot in between drinking the original?  All you light beer pansies in search of more alcohol – just try an Oskar Blues Ten Fidy and grow some hair on your balls and not taste the harsh alcohol.

  38. My first sip brought me back to my childhood days of tasting my fathers beer for the first time; it was a new sparkling taste that had the most amazing kick. After one i was feeling buzzed and pretty good, i felt young and alive. This beer taste a though it came down from heaven itself, and if anything ever came close to Holy beer, Platinum would be it.

  39. I had of them friday afternoon and I blacked-out classy style; took a bus out the bars which i don’t remember, and tried to get myself a tattoo, throw up around 1am and made out with a complete stranger. Platinum makes things more exciting. Plus no hangover in the morning, just woke up early and laughed about the night before. Blue bottle beer+College=good times

  40. Just had my first sip of bud light platinum  and I must say very tasty and Im not a beer drinker at all  Guess i just found my new  favorite drink though I’d compare it to a sam adams with out the harsh after taste  very smooth and enjoyable

  41. I am a beer lover. I am so sorry, but this is the worst beer I ever tasted. I doesn’t taste like beer, doesn’t feel like beer and doesnt have any foam,really beer no foam comeon, this was a waste of my money I will never buy it ever and dont recommend it please dont waste your money

  42. I have drank Bud and Bud light for years, Have enjoyed many other AB products, and not to put to fine a point on this Platinum beer but in a word,  YUCK!

  43. I’m Drinking a Platinum right now for the first time while I am typing this.
    I bought a 6 pack at 711 and I’m on my 5th beer.
    Bottom line…. I HATE REGULAR  Bud Light because I would end up getting tired before I got a buzz.
    BUTT……I’m really diggin this new Platinum. I Feakin Love It!! It’s Great.

    Don’t get me wrong I love high end beer like Chimay And Delirium and all the other 9.0acl vol and 11.0 ach vol Belgum ales. But I’m gonna keep it real I cant afford that stuff every day plus I live in LA so and we got nice hot perfect weather and sometime a light refreshing beer hits the spot much better.

    I’m impressed…I’m feelin super buzzed off a six pack of light beer for the right price!
    I’m really impressed…..And yes im a alcoholic, I drink to get smashed on a daily basis after a long stressful day at the office. And when I gotta come home to a bitchin wife and two kids who want the world. There’s only one last thing to do before i gotta go to sleep and do it all over again….Get ShitFaced
    So Fuck all you arrogant haters who wanna hate on us blue collar worker who like a nice buzz everyday 

  44. Just tried a six pack and I’m buzzed… Like a Twelve pack of Bud Light buzzed.

    Good for the science of the Nuclear brewing process of this Atomic swill, bad for Me liver… Help!

    I like.

  45. had some for the first time, tasted ok, I thought with allcthe hopla it would be much more different, and it had a little after taste I did not experience with regular Bud Lite

  46. It’s not a bad beer, but I’ll know more in the morning whether it gives me a headache or not. I purchased it because a lady at our local farmer’s market melts down the blue bottles, so at least I know where to recycle them.

  47. I was aiming for wine tonight, liquor store too far; curious about the “Platinum”.  Bought it, tried it-to sweet for me. Beer is beer, not wine.

  48. I love the taste, the early buzz but most of all the bottle.  I have made quite the conversation piece and have many contribute to my art.  Thank you for new Blue!!  Love it

  49. as a drinker of foreign beer only (American beer) is for Woosy men !..i can see now why americans are soooo alcoholic the “Light” does nothing for them sooo they have another and another and before tyou know it they are drunk !…but i discovered Bud Light Platinum this April at the Masserati polo game in Miami beach…and i like it ! it is close to a German, Dutch or Belgian Beer !!. A manly Beer alright !

  50. I guess I’m a beer snob but I’m not impressed.  I tried it today for $7.49 a six of 12oz bottles.  If I wanted Bud, I could have got a six of 16oz cans for $4.99.  I was hoping for a truly “platinum” beer–a more hoppy taste, etc.  If I just want higher alcohol per volume, I’d save my money and buy Steel Reserve.  If I’ve got money to blow, Sint Bernardus and others weigh in at like 12% but you do pay for it.  It’s worth it though because it is more alcohol per volume than cheap crap like Steel Reserve and it tastes like good beer instead of Witch Hazel. 

  51. My first experience with bud light platinum was VERY bad, first of all when we got home from purchasing the bud light platinum beer in the 12 pk bottles 5 were cracked or broken so there went half the 12 pack we bought, I know there is NO way to prove it so I tried my FIRST one and it SUCKED!! I usually drink Bud Ice and Love it, BUT my husband wanted to try this New Bud Light Platinum, so I agreed, BOY what a mistake. My opinion on your New Bud Light Platinum is…..Quit trying to make SOOOOO many different kinds of beer!! YOU SUCK BUDWEISER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. My recent trip to FL to visit a buddy had me off the plane and the first thing to stop in a mart and get some Coors Light. I was in the line and notices a stack of the new 8oz cans. First thing I thought of (just getting off the plane) was airline size! They should be selling these on the airline, ice cold great size for the market. So I snatched the 24 can crate up and paid my $9.99. Great price, great beer but shocked at the size.

    The idea was to have something to drink for the weekend. Man what a surprise in this size. Convenient, stays cold til the end and you can douse it in 2-3 gulps. Why happy? Because CL is best when consumed ice cold. Once warm it’s bad. Just blah. 12 oz doesn’t stay cold enough for me to want to finish. When I do wait, I just get reluctant to finish it. But these little 8oz cans never let me get a spoiled finish. Always stayed cold. And it was easy to know when I was at a pint at just 2! All told, these are a hit with me. Perfect size for a perfect beer to stay with perfect delivery. They fit in my little personal cooler and just right all weekend long.

    Now for my suggestion. Mass market them with a commercial that hinges on all the points I just made. It will soar. All my buddies once they got the value were sold on the idea.

    One last suggestion. Bud Light Platinum. 6% is absolutely awesome. Kicks my butt with just enough to make me very happy. Very very happy. Take this 8oz platform and roll it to bud light platinum and watch me get happy happy happy. I’d be on the corner selling this concept to all who pass by. Again, 2 make a pint. Sold at events at a very cheap under cost. Keep patrons happy and sales will rocket. nothing worse than warm beer and a shallow kick. Cmon AB, listen to the minions!!!! I’m 53 and love this beer. Make me want it more.

  53. This is my new choice for beer! Love the taste and the higher alcohol content. I am so tired of wimpy beers! Platinum stands up and salutes! It is slowly catching on at the local taverns so keep dropping the hint to have it on hand. Great beer!

  54. I have the average tolerance of your everyday beer drinker 5’10 195 pounds no beer belly. 2 32 Oz bud ice bottles and I’m pretty good. 12 pack(cans) of bud platinum and nadda. Nothing. The first 12 pack(cans) I was feeling a little but then I realized it was just the placebo effect and after the second 12 pack I’m confident that’s no alcohol at all. I feel cheated.
    Don’t believe me? Have another.

  55. In my opinon, platinum is fuckin delicious and I’m not a beer drinker, I like cognac and liquor that’s aged. Us humans just like to argue until someone feels satisfied there right about something, fuck it drink what you want, I personally prefer platinum over regular because regular tastes like shit to me, dog piss is what I compare it to, like natural ice, oh that shits nasty, poor man’s beer, like rose pedals are poor man’s pot.

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